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Introduction to the Mission Study

"The United Methodist Church, as a covenant community committed to God's justice, must work toward a just global economy."
General Conference Resolution 206. Economic Justice for a New Millennium," The Book of Resolutions, 2004

"It is time that we manifest gospel values in the economic order. It is after all, our calling."
General Conference Resolution 208. "Pathways to Economic Justice,"  The Book of Resolutions, 2004

Continuing a Tradition

Throughout the course of the history of Schools of Christian Mission, The United Methodist Church has turned its attention to issues of the economy. In 1966, we considered issues of Affluence and Poverty: The Dilemma for Christians. In 1974, we tried to understand The Welfare Maze. In 1988, we explored The Faces of Poverty in Our Midst; in the early 1990s, we considered Living Values-Changing Times, and in 1993, Global Economics.

These studies remind us of the long history of public witness by The United Methodist Church in matters of economic justice. In this time of changing realities about wealth and poverty, abundance and scarcity, it is appropriate that we again turn our attention to issues of the global economy.

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