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Children of Africa
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Printed and Audiovisual Resources

Global Ministries published these resources for a 2000-2001 mission study. For copies, please check your church, local church, or second hand books sources online.

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Children of Africa: Restoring the Village. By Jackie Onwu. Leader's Guide by Anne Leo Ellis.

 Written out of the experience of a United Methodist missionary in Africa, this tragic, yet hope-filled book opens us to the lives of many children facing crises in their daily lives. Her faith and the good, often quiet work of United Methodists in heath care and education undergirds the commitment the author has to the future of children in Africa. Read the Introduction to the Book.

   The Leader's Guide by Anne Leo Ellis is designed for five sessions, though adaptable for other schedules. The Guide offers many different teaching opportunities to open participants in the study to the issues devastating the lives of African children and offers action plans to be involved in caring for the children. Each session begins with worship and Bible study and includes class activities, journaling and local church responses to the crises of African children. The Korean edition is a summary of the study in English.


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Under the Baobab Tree: Children of Africa. (#2872) By Brenda Wilkinson. This 30-page magazine designed for children ages 8-12 offers an overview of the continent of Africa with focus on its history and culture as it relates to the lives of children. Written by noted children's author, Brenda Wilkinson and illustrated by the award-winning children's illustrator, Tom Feelings, there is acknowledgment of Africa's contributions to the world in art and literature and description of the vastness of the land and its richness in human and natural resources.

    Told through stories, songs, and review exercises and activities, children learn how events of the past impact on the current status of the continent--and how the church and persons of good will are working to improve the quality of life for children living in the midst of war and impoverished situations. A six-part series, each lesson ends with brief meditation and challenge to young readers on how they too can make a difference in the lives of persons less fortunate than themselves and witness hope for the children of Africa. Service Center: $4.00; ten or more, $3.20 each

Teacher's Guide to Under the Baobab Tree: Children of Africa.  By Brenda Wilkinson.

   The Teacher's Guide instructs leaders and parents on how to present the six-part study on Africa to young people. Suggestions are given on how to create an appropriate arena and the manner in which to share this material with children. For each chapter there is an outline of rationale, content, goals and a lesson plan. Also included are designs for creation of African arts and crafts.

    As background material for leaders, author Brenda Wilkinson offers an essay, "The Importance of the Study of Africa," which gives historical notes and tells children the significance of learning more about Africa and its people. There is also a map and an update on specific locales of The United Methodist Church in Africa.
    This twenty-page teacher's guide ends with suggestions for a festive event of celebration and a list of recommended print and audiovisual resources on Africa to engage and inspire young people. Service Center: $5.95


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Map 'n' Facts: Children of Africa.Contains listing of United Methodist mission projects and locations. A description of the different types of work being carried out by mission personnel is on the reverse of the map. Service Center: $8.95

Response Special Issue on the Children of Africa. (#2876) May 2000. Read more about this special issue. Service Center: $1.50

New World Outlook Special Issue on the Children of Africa. (#2884) May/June 2000. Service Center: $3.00


A Call to Care, Welcoming African Refugees. Borrow the video from your conference library or purchase your copy from EcuFilm, 810 Twelfth Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37203. Call (800) 251-4091. Cost $19.95

   Little film icon See the film online: RealVideotm (10 min).| 28k/56k | ISDN/LAN |

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Africa Praise I. Songbook (#2783); Cassette (#2564); CD (#2563). The CD and cassette are songs of faith in twelve languages from nine African countries performed by the Africa University Choir of Mutare, Zimbabwe, conducted by Patrick Matsikenyir. The songbook is a congregational and choral edition with songs from eight African nations on the recordings, with translations in French and German for some songs.

African Tales. (#2081) 1992 Video. Includes three African fables: "Banana Thieves," "The Spider and the Antelope," and "The Boastful Crocodile," as well as a look at daily life through the eyes of a child from Zaire. Study guide included. 23 minutes.