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Children of Africa
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Children of Africa

Children of AfricaTheir resilience is amazing. Across the continent of Africa, despite the many strides in commerce, education and community development, the scars of civil war, colonial rape-and-pillage, corrupt government, poverty and hunger mar the land. Still, the children's faces shine

This hope, seen through the eyes of children, has touched the bishops of The United Methodist Church and inspired the Bishops' Appeal for Hope for the Children of Africa.

This study gives an in-depth look at the causes of such desolation in the lives of many African children as well as the opportunity to see the response of The United Methodist Church as it endeavors to save children from cruelty, injustice, disease and death. Through the efforts of United Methodists in Africa and the United States, there is hope for children and their families.

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The sound of Africa is not just the sound of war. It is the sound of children playing and laughing. It is the sound of people singing God's praise. It is the sound of hope.
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Annotated Bibliography (This annotated bibliography dates from 2000, the year this mission study was released.)
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Map of Africa: Relief Format, 1999
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