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Cokesbury is the retail division of The United Methodist Publishing House, the publisher and distributor to The United Methodist Church and the greater Christian community since 1789. The name "Cokesbury" comes from the names of the first two Methodist Bishops, Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury. You can request a catalog or place an order by visiting cokesbury.com or calling 1-800-672-1789.

Happy New Year!

The church, or liturgical, calendar begins this week with Advent. The seasons and their colors are Advent—purple or blue, Christmas—white or gold, Epiphany—white, Lent—purple, Easter—white and gold, Pentecost—red, and Kingdomtide—green. Many denominations recognize these seasons except for Kingdomtide, which is uniquely United Methodist. Happy New Year! Learn more at centralministries-umc.org.
Strength for Service

The devotional Strength For Service went out of publication in the 1950s, until Boy Scout Evan Hunsberger made its republication part of his Eagle Scout project fifty years later. Since then, more than 300,000 copies have been distributed to service personnel of many denominations. Available through United Methodist Men, you can get a copy or make a gift of Strength For Service at strengthforservice.org.