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Sustainable Agriculture

Global Ministries has sustainable agriculture-related mission efforts in three continents. Local farmers learn to make efficient, natural fertilizers instead of relying on expensive, petroleum-based chemicals. By raising enough food to feed their families plus some extra to sell, local farmers are eliminating their reliance on unreliable imports.
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Covenant Relationships

Congregations, whatever the size, consistently witness to experiencing spiritual growth when involved in mission beyond themselves. A covenant relationship is as small as $5 per member per year! Currently, less than 10% of our more than 35,000 US congregations are participating in a covenant relationship.
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Since 2007 Global Ministries has sponsored a ministry of alcohol and drug prevention, recovery, and advocacy.  A gift today will enable the purchase of necessary information and tools, and support this vital ministry.
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Stay Informed With A Mission-Minded Magazine

New World Outlook is the official mission magazine of The United Methodist Church.  Learn more about connecting the church in mission.  Subscriptions  are available.

One Great Hour of Sharing

A Gift to One Great Hour of Sharing (one of six Special Sunday offerings of The United Methodist Church) advances the work of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). The OGHS offering provides the critical funds for administrative and operational needs of accomplishing disaster relief work around the globe.
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Human Relations Day

United Methodist Human Relations Day, a Special Sunday of The United Methodist Church, is observed annually on the Sunday immediately following the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday. This Special Sunday supports the Community Developers, United Methodist Voluntary Services and Youth Offender Rehabilitation Program by calling for all of God's children to realize their full right and potential as human beings in relationship with one another.
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Our Mission Presence

The mission presence of The United Methodist Church is in 125 countries and mission personnel are deployed in 63 countries. Mission presence may be a clinic, a hospital, an orphanage, microenterprises that stimulate economies, new congregations, and hundreds of other places of witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through mission presence.
Tax Law Encourages Philanthropy

Mary Gates is a lay member of the Minnesota Annual Conference and serves as a Global Ministries director. She explains how stewardship opportunities can also offset cumbersome tax implications; a gift to mission and a gift to yourself!
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United Methodist Student Day

United Methodist Student Day, a Special Sunday of The United Methodist Church, is observed annually the last Sunday in November. This Special Sunday makes available scholarships and loans for students attending United Methodist related and other accredited colleges and universities.
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Missionary Support Sources

Support to standard support missionaries comes from four sources:
1) The United Methodist Women;
2) World Service Funds;
3) Investments and
4) Covenant Relationships through The General Advance.

The most critical source of support comes through Covenant Relationships between congregations and persons serving in places of mission.
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