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Making a Gift Through Special Sunday Offerings

Native Americans are a small but growing segment of The United Methodist Church.There are six special offerings - four of which support the work of Global Ministries: One Great Hour of Sharing, Native American Ministries Sunday, Human Relations Day, and World Communion Sunday.

John and June Smith have a $50,000 ordinary life insurance policy which was originally purchased to pay the mortgage off and to educate their two children in the event anything were to happen to John.  The couple, now in their late 50's with their home paid off and their children educated and independent, would like to make a meaningful gift to a mission project they have grown to love.  For the past ten years the Smith's Sunday School class has sponsored an American Indian mission project: helping to provide scholarships, health programs, a thrift store, food cooperative, vocational education programs and emergency assistance. They would like to do more.

After reviewing their assets their financial planner suggested they use their life insurance policy to fund a gift.  The transfer process proved to be quick, easy, and private.  They called the insurance company and requested the appropriate forms to change their beneficiary designation to Special Sundays, Native American Ministries.  Now, John and June have the immense satisfaction of knowing that they will make a difference in the lives of so many.

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