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Imagine No Malaria

Haiti Recovery

Imagine No Malaria, UMCOR Advance #3021190

There are literally hundreds of churches, schools, hospitals, and clinics operated by The United Methodist Church in Africa, but they can only be effective if medicines to treat malaria are made available. Imagine No Malaria makes sure these facilities have the diagnostic tests and treatments needed to save lives. Educating about malaria helps those who need it most. Last year alone, Imagine No Malaria trained thousands of local people in African communities to teach their neighbors about avoiding the disease. In Sierra Leone, these workers went door-to-door to deliver bed nets, install them in homes, and teach folks how to properly use and care for the nets. The bite of malaria doesn’t have to kill. You can support our efforts to stop it!

Imagine No Malaria, UMCOR Advance #3021190
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Please write the UMCOR advance number and name on the memo line of your check.

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