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US-2 Placement Site Criteria:

  1. Where do US-2s serve?The organization shall be a church, faith-based, ecumenical or community organization.
  2. The organization shall demonstrate a commitment to and acceptance of the many forms of unity in Christ and oneness with all of God's people.
  3. The organization shall be committed to addressing critical justice issues an involved in ministries of service and human liberation. Priority is given to organizations working in the areas such as community service and empowerment and women and children's issues.
  4. The organization shall engage the intern as part of its work community by providing a learning atmosphere of participatory education and hands-on experience.
  5. The organization shall designate a person to give direct, ongoing supervision and guidance to the intern in areas of work, cultural education, community adjustment, housing and other areas which seem appropriate.
  6. The organization shall have a clear understanding and commitment to the goals of the US-2 Program of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church.
  7. The organization shall be open to the US-2s occasional participation in the resourcing of mission education/interpretation events as mutually agreed upon by interns and placement supervisors.
  8. The organization and US-2 shall have ongoing communication with GBGM staff liaisons.


Who are US-2s?When do they serve?What do they do?