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A US-2's Goals Are:

  1. What do US-2s Do?To enter into a two year covenant of mutual ministry with the General Board of Global Ministries and an assigned placement site organization.
  2. To work with a local faith based organization working with the surrounding community to bring social justice.
  3. To live, socialize, and worship within the community surrounding your placement site organization.
  4. To participate in both hands on direct service work and community wide movements for social change.
  5. To work in and learn from traditionally marginalized communities, most often in cross cultural settings (geographic, racial, class).
  6. To learn through experience, the systems which cause social injustice, how these systems work together, and ways local organizations work against these systems to improve the lives of their communities.
  7. To commit to personal spiritual growth and the development of Christian beliefs, honoring your knowledge of God and personal experience working for justice in the world.
  8. To explore possible vocations, especially those related to ministry, mission, or social work.
  9. To commit to living on the program stipend as an exercise in spiritual and economic discipline and an intentional commitment to living within the means of the host community.
  10. To develop oneself as a Christian leader who has the skills and sensitivity needed to respond to the challenges of human suffering and to provide direction for the church in the midst of this broken world.
  11. To form a covenant community of young adults committed to Christian discipleship and service beyond traditional church settings.
  12. To discern where God is calling you to work for change and to be open to the personal transformation required to fulfill this calling.
  13. To engage in faith based action for justice and disciplined theological reflection in order to better integrate social justice into Christian faith.

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