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Criteria for Selection of US-2 Candiates

  1. Who are the new US-2s Commitment to the Christian faith with an ability to express and relate it to mission objectives, goals and issues of social justice
  2. Completion of an education program (college, graduate school, etc.) and/or equivalent life experiences which contribute to effective service
  3. Intellectual, emotional and physical strengths/stability
  4. Work experiences which evidence commitment and skills appropriate for missional tasks-observation, research, community involvement, interpretation and communication (written and oral)
  5. Willingness to commit two (2) years to the program
  6. Support of General Board of Global Ministries goals and the capacity to relate those goals to vocational intention and work Who Are US-2s?
  7. Sensitivity to cultural diversities, awareness of events and issues in the world, evidence of cross-cultural and interpersonal skills and a commitment to combat oppressive conditions such as poverty, racism, classism and sexism
  8. Willingness to become part of a collective community of interns
  9. Willingness to adopt a subsistence lifestyle
  10. Amenability to evaluation, training, accountability and group process
  11. Commitment to action-education for systemic change
  12. Indication of potential leadership in church and society

Preference is given to persons with a strong church and community base who evidence a commitment to involving themselves in their placement communities

Where do they serve?When do they serve?What do they do?