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Be Informed. Get Involved. Respond in Faith.

Be Informed

Current Global Ministries News: Read about the ways that United Methodists put their faith into action around the world.

Lives of Service: Mission stories written by or about youth and young adults in mission. Find out where they work, how they serve, who they touch and what they discover about Christianity and themselves.

Get Involved

B1: Fast Today, Change Tomorrow
B1 - One Being, Being One - is a 24-hour fasting event for youth which raises many to empower the poor and disempower unjust systems sustaining poverty in our world.

Covenant with US-2 and Mission Intern Missionaries
Covenant with US-2 and Mission Intern missionaries. These young adult missionaries spend 2-3 years engaging their faith by addressing systems of oppression throughout the world.

Discerning the Context of Mission (Word .doc 41K )
A tool to reflect upon the most critical issues affecting young people's lives where you live, to engage each other in reflection and dialogue about what you find, to seek ways to learn more about the issues and to respond in faith!

Global Education and Advocacy Seminars
Church Center for the United Nations in NYC helps youth groups participate in the design of their own seminars in international affairs and global issues such as globalization, HIV/AIDS, sweatshops, and peace with justice. Seminars on US policy and advocacy are available at Washington DC seminars. Phone: 212 682-3633


Respond in Faith

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