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Lives of Service

Mission stories and interviews by or about youth and young adults tell the story of lives changed around the world. Find out where they work, how they serve, who they touch and what they discover about Christianity and themselves.

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Young Missionaries Drawn to Ministries with the PoorYoung People Drawn to Ministries with the Poor

by Elliott Wright
From ministryWith.org


GBGM Blog 2011 Global Justice Volunteers Africa Program

From July 3 to July 11, 2011, young people from across Africa gathered together in Nairobi, Kenya, to prepare for their eight-week term as Global Justice Volunteers (GJV). Read their stories in the new Global Ministries Mission Musings Blog.


Stephanie KimecOffer Dignity: All Relationships Are Messy

by Mary Beth Coudal
Stephanie Kimec believes in showing kindness, respect, and dignity. This is why she wanted to become a young adult missionary.


Young adult Missionaries connectNmission: August 2011

As you read through this month's connectNmission, identify ways that you can harness the enthusiasm of young people in your community. Introduce them to the opportunities available through Global Ministries.


US2 GBGM MissionaryNot an Easy Life: US-2s Complete their Work and Choose to Continue Justice, Service, and Love

by Mary Beth Coudal
07/08/11: Three US-2s completed their work as young adult missionaries in the US and shared their experiences.


1-5 of 58