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Lives of Service

Mission stories and interviews by or about youth and young adults tell the story of lives changed around the world. Find out where they work, how they serve, who they touch and what they discover about Christianity and themselves.

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Rachel Keller is a Global Ministries Mission Intern.Why Am I Here in South Africa?

by Rachel Keller, New World Outlook, September/October 2010
While serving in Johannesburg, this Mission Intern faced challenges and met some "incredible people." At times she wondered what she had to offer.


The Dance of Life in MongoliaThe Dance of Life in Mongolia

by Holli Vining for New World Outlook
September-October 2010: Holli Vining serves as a missionary and teacher at the Tsaiz Mission Center in Mongolia.


Erin Eidenshink and new friends in Mongolia.Christ for--and in--My Neighbor

by Heather Bishop for New World Outlook
September-October 2010: Diné is the name chosen by the Navajo for their tribe. It simply means "the people." I serve among the Diné in Shiprock, New Mexico, at Four Corners Native American Ministry.


Dr. Dana Robert spoke at Edinburgh 2010.College Students Enliven Mission Conference

by Elliott Wright
Nashville, Tennessee, October 22, 2010--Beth Kauffman, like many other United Methodist young people today, was introduced to Christian mission on a volunteer trip, hers to Cuba.


Erin Eidenshink and new friends in Mongolia.Foreigners and Strangers in Mongolia

by Erin Eidenshink for New World Outlook
September-October 2010: Of following Christ this mission intern says, "I can squirm and hide and get anxious... Or, I can embrace being different and be faithful to God's call."


21-25 of 58