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US2 GBGM MissionaryNot an Easy Life: US-2s Complete their Work and Choose to Continue Justice, Service, and Love

by Mary Beth Coudal
07/08/11: Three US-2s completed their work as young adult missionaries in the US and shared their experiences.


Zachary Ferguson Zachary Ferguson: Studying and Claiming History

by Mary Beth Coudal
Like many parents of new missionaries, the Fergusons are proud of the choice their child is making: committing to participate in the betterment of society through a historic program. 


William Wilson Jr.Packing Lightly for the Journey

by Mary Beth Coudal
Wil Wilson, 23, packs trust, faith, and flexibility for his journey as a US-2, a young adult missionary.


Erin Eidenshink and new friends in Mongolia.Christ for--and in--My Neighbor

by Heather Bishop for New World Outlook
September-October 2010: Diné is the name chosen by the Navajo for their tribe. It simply means "the people." I serve among the Diné in Shiprock, New Mexico, at Four Corners Native American Ministry.


Mariellyn Dunlap serves as a US-2.The Missionary Voice: Mariellyn Dunlap

Serving in the religious life office at Martin Methodist College, this US-2 reminds students that the US "isn't the end of the world." Audio is available. Listen to the podcast.