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Global Justice Volunteers

GBGM Blog 2011 Global Justice Volunteers Africa Program

From July 3 to July 11, 2011, young people from across Africa gathered together in Nairobi, Kenya, to prepare for their eight-week term as Global Justice Volunteers (GJV). Read their stories in the new Global Ministries Mission Musings Blog.


Nativity figures from Kenya remind us we are all one family in Christ.Healing Loneliness: Second Sunday in Advent

by Nichol Luebrun
Devotions from Young Adults in Mission continue; this week's reflection draws from Philippians 1:3-11.


Global Justice Volunteers are a team that advocates for the voiceless around the world.Global Justice Volunteers Challenge and Are Challenged

by Mary Beth Coudal
10/7/08: These young adults serve for two months in justice work. As they volunteer, they are also becoming leaders.