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A Mission Intern's Goals Are:

  1. What do Mission Interns Do?To commit to a ministry of presence, which supports marginalized communities working for peace and justice.
  2. To learn through experience, the day-to-day effects of systemic oppression on local communities, both internationally and nationally.
  3. To actively participate with local organizations working for social justice.
  4. To learn to live the gospel of Christ by connecting with people who model creative social witness.
  5. To enrich your faith by learning with others, interreligiously and ecumenically, experience the liberating power of God.
  6. To bridge the experiences of different communities so as to better facilitate communication and cooperation between peoples seeking justice in a global context.
  7. To witness in one's local church and community about new ways to envision mission as a global church.
  8. To develop yourself as a leader, prepared to be a prophetic voice in society and committed to holding the church accountable to God's calling.
  9. To form a covenant community of young adults committed to demonstrate through word and action the importance of Christian presence within and support of global movements for social change.
  10. To engage in faith based action for justice and disciplined theological reflection in order to better integrate social justice into Christian faith and learn to live a new definition of mission.

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