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Travel Suggestions

Traveling to Eastern Europe and the Balkans

The following document is available for your assistance:
Travel Information to Eastern Europe and the Balkans (PDF format, 5pp., 49K)

Mission Teams
Any mission team planning a trip should use the documents listed above as a basic starting point in their planning. Nancy EubanksMission teams should have a number of team meetings to prepare themselves for a trip.

A booklet called "People, Places and Partnerships" a workbook for mission trips abroad, is available from:

United Methodist Church
General Board of Global Ministries
475 Riverside Drive, Room 1358
New York, NY 10115
Tel: (212) 870-3761

When you are ready to make the trip, you should work with their contact persons to coordinate logistical needs, as well as with your partner UMC.

For Czech Republic:
Ms. Jana Krizova
Myslivni 51
623 00 Brno
Czech Republic
(011 from US) + 420/5 or 383 263

For Slovakia Republic:
Ms. Lenka Prochazkova
Panenska 10
811 03 Bratislava
Slovakia Republic
(011 from US) + 420 07 54416633

Travel Agents
Travel costs are moderate, but airfare is the largest expense, and that varies. Note: There are daily direct flights either from Newark, NJ or New York, NY (JFK) airports to Prague (and on to Bratislava) by Czech Airlines (an affiliate of Delta Airlines) who connects you to a US location, www.czechairlines.com. Some of the listed travel agents have agreements that can result in lower costs. The following travel agencies claim to have experience in travel to Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and are provided for your information only. They may be able to provide you good information and reduced travel costs. I have personally used Paul Laifer Tours several times, but have no experience with the others.

Paul Laifer Tours, Inc.
106 Parsippany Road
NJ 07054
Contact: Robert Laifer
Phone: 800-346-6314
Fax: 973-887-6118
Web Site: www.laifertours.com

Rev. Steve Darr