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How to Become an In Mission Together Partner

IMT DelegatesThe Mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Local churches provide the most significant arena through which discipleship-making occurs.

United Methodist Book of Discipline

The need to revitalize United Methodist church buildings is urgent. Local congregations in the world and U.S. are joining hands and hearts to meet this critical need. As partners, they covenant to be in mission together by:


A number of partnership projects, are underway in Cambodia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Latvia, Laos, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Vietnam. With your help, we can do more.


How to Become a Partner Church

Commit 3 years to a partner congregation:

Possible Partnering Opportunities

We provide each partner church with a partnership coordinator to facilitate any new partner relationship. We help congregations with planning, communications, and implementation of their In Mission Together partnerships.


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Citizens of Pilzen, Czech Republic UMC
Pilzen, Czech Republic

From a Partner Church!

Thank you very much for your prayers and thoughts for our dedication service. The new chapel was totally full of people....We prayed, sang, read from the Bible...We are in the beginning. We pray and think about other activities. We are looking for possibilities...


We see this new church as the first step -- God's gift for following service. We believe God will serve through our hands.

Once more, thank you very much for your service...Thanks to The United Methodist Church. THANK YOU GOD!...We all hope you will visit our church and Pilzen in the next year. God Bless You.

Your Sister in Christ,
The Rev. Ivana Prochazkova
United Methodist Church, Pilzen, Czech Republic

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It was overwhelming!

We had no idea that we could tear down the entire building; but we did, and therefore saved the Freiberg United Methodist Church a lot of money. (This had to be done before they could build a new church.) Most important, besides the hard work...was getting to know the German Methodists. Their hospitality was so gracious, and we all felt so very close to our host families. They told us over and over again that by being there and helping them so much, we gave them great hope and encouragement for the future. They can see American sisters and brothers in Christ working so hard to help them. It was overwhelming.


Gilda Gildemeister

Freiberg United Methodist Church renovations
Freiberg, Germany