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About In Mission Together

Mission PossiblePartnership Program of Evangelization and Church Growth
General Board of Global Ministries

In Mission Together is a partnership program, of the Evangelization and Church Growth office of the General Board of Global Ministries. This program is designed to assist churches to engage in shared mission and ministry with a developing congregation or in the development of a relationship that could lead to a new congregation. It encourages and affirms the role of local congregations, districts, and annual conferences to be in mission in a global setting.

The intent of the General Board of Global Ministries is to provide a trained third party facilitator to assist congregations in developing these partnerships. Initial In Mission Together efforts have been in conjunction with approved General Advance projects in the Eastern European countries of; Bulgaria, Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland and Serbia, plus the Southeast Asian countries of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Other geographical areas may be added in the future.

In Mission Together relationships are based on a commitment among congregations or faith communities in different countries and cultures to: listen to one another, to understand and become sensitive to the other's culture, suspend judgment, share resources, and be open to God's transforming power through participation together in God's mission. This shared ministry is intended to be holistic, with an integrated approach to the spiritual and material needs of a community. It emphasizes the development of indigenous leadership and resources. When congregations from different cultures and contexts participate with one another in common mission, there is a synergistic effect that leads to the health and vitality of all partners involved. This experience can be transforming for local churches and change the lives of individuals involved.

Through In Mission Together, congregations, districts and annual conferences may receive assistance in developing the scope and structure of shared mission in a global setting. The General Board of Global Ministries offers assistance through partnership coordinators trained in the development of mission partnerships in specific countries and contexts. The In MIission Together partnership coordinator is prepared as needed to;


  1. Consult in the development of this mission opportunity in the life of a congregation or other organizations.
  2. Present In Mission Together mission opportunities.
  3. Establish communication links.
  4. Facilitate the creation of shared mission together with a developing church.
  5. Negotiate the human and financial resources which all participants will commit.
  6. Interpret the culture and the partners to one another.
  7. Monitor the health of the partnerships.
  8. Facilitate travel and visitation opportunities.
  9. Establish yearly consultation opportunities for partners to meet, worship, and share the mission experience.

Interested parties can learn more about In Mission Together and potential projects by contacting Patrick Friday, Director of In Mission Together, General Board of Global Ministries, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115, Phone: 212-870-3860, Email: Pfriday@gbgm-umc.org.