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Supporting Projects and Partners in China

The Advance for Christ and His ChurchYou can support a wide range of projects in China through The Advance, Global Ministries's voluntary, designated second-mile giving program.

Through the Advance individuals and congregations can help rural villagers protect the environment by supporting bio-gas systems and solar stoves, provide Bibles and Christian literature in Chinese and ethnic minority languages, support legal-rights advocacy for the rural poor, provide daily care and nurture for children who are orphaned, and support migrant women workers in Hongkong facing employer abuse, to name just a few projects.

One hundred percent of your gift goes to the ministry you choose.
Gifts can be made online or by phone or through the mail.

China Mainland

The Amity FoundationThe Amity Foundation, Education and Social Service Projects
11151A - Asia and Pacific, China, Nanjing
Initiated by Christians in China, Amity is a non-governmental social service organization that focuses on heath, education, rural development, relief and rehabilitation.

Amity Printing Press, Bibles
11422A - Asia and Pacific, China, Nanjing
To assist with the printing of Bibles, hymnal and Christian devotional material that is printed by the Amity Foundation in Nanjing and distributed by the China Christian Council.

Amity Foundation, Teachers
09801A - Asia and Pacific, China, Nanjing
Supports teachers of English to rural colleges and technical schools in China, through the Amity Teachers Program.

The Amity Foundation
203525 - Asia and Pacific, China, Nanjing
Response to health concerns of disadvantaged and disabled persons.

Blindness-Prevention Program
14578A - Asia and Pacific, China, Baozhong City
Cataract surgery for the rural poor, which contributes to their physical and financial independence.

Blindness-Prevention Program, Capital
14579T - Asia and Pacific, China, Baozhong City
Blindness prevention facilities, staff training and health-care subsidies in rural Baozhong, Yunnan province.

Biogas System in Rural Western China
14577T - Asia and Pacific, China
Sustainable rural-community development and environmental protection.

Chinese Rural Orphan Program
14580A - Asia and Pacific, China
Daily care and nurturing for children orphaned by AIDS and other causes.

Happy Children's Home
14582A - Asia and Pacific, China, Tong Huang Village, Fujian province
Care for children from impoverished homes, orphans and street children.

Happy Children's Home, Capital
14581M - Asia and Pacific, China, Tong Huang Village, Fujian province
A concrete building, furnishings and vehicle for this orphanage and children's home project.

Global Health and Reproductive Health
203000 - Asia and Pacific, China
Community education and training for health-care providers.

Orphanage Staff Training Program
14583A - Asia and Pacific, China, Nanjing
Training in rehabilitation for workers with abandoned children who are disabled.

Promoting Deaf Peoples Participation in Deaf Education
14584A - Asia and Pacific, China, Dalian
Empowerment of the deaf community through participation of deaf teachers.

Supporting Libraries in Schools for the Blind and Deaf
14585A - Asia and Pacific, China
Books to improve special education, especially in poor areas.

Training for Primary and Middle School Teachers in Rural China
14587A - Asia and Pacific, China
Professional training in computers, teaching methods and language.

Training of Migrant Workers
14586A - Asia and Pacific, China, Nanjing
Legal-rights advocacy for rural poor seeking employment in cities.

Venereal Disease and AIDS Project
14588A - Asia and Pacific, China
Prevention and care to counter rapidly rising infection rates.

China Undesignated
00422A - Asia and Pacific, China
To assist with the programs of the total church in China.

Hong Kong

Bethune House Programs And Services
14241A - Asia and Pacific, China
Shelter, guidance, legal counseling and continuing education for women.


Soochow University, Library
09884A - Asia and Pacific, Taiwan, Taipei

Religion books for Soochow University, the only one of five Christian universities in Taiwan with ties to Methodism.

Global Ministries Missionaries

Allen, Diane J.
10163Z - Asia and Pacific, China
Diane Allen is the China Program associate for the United Methodist China Program.

Weick, Cornelia
10672Z - Asia and Pacific, China
Connie Weick is an Amity Program teacher of English assigned to the Luzhou Vocational and Technical Institute.