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Year Round Mission

Building a Year-Round Mission Program:
Suggestions for the Local Church 4 seasons icon.

By Una Jones

There are a number of different ways for the pastors and the mission committees of local United Methodist churches to stay connected and informed about mission opportunities through the General Board of Global Ministries. Below are just a few actions that are easy to accomplish.

Here are five mission goals that every church can strive to achieve.

  1. Form a Covenant Relationship with a GBGM missionary. (Go to The Advance for more information.)
  2. Sponsor an annual mission event for the church that celebrates all aspects mission in the church, including volunteer work, food pantry and shelter contributions, UMW work, mission committee work, and funds that under gird mission.
  3. Promote The Advance, the second-mile giving in which 100 percent of the donation goes to the projects and causes designated by the giver.
  4. Support mission education by encouraging broad participation in the Schools of Christian Mission and the United Methodist Volunteers-in-Mission program.
  5. Promote the United Methodist Special Sundays and educate the congregation about their purpose and goals.