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Global Ministries Mission Seminars

You are invited to attend a Global Ministries mission seminar at 475 Riverside Drive in New York City.The joy in this child's face inspires hope.

Mission Seminars are created with you in mind and can be shaped to reflect the needs and concerns of your group. Each program is individually designed.

Groups may have a 90 minute session or an 8-10 hour program spanning two to three days. Options include presentations to an entire group and/or mini seminars to self-selected small groups.

Seminars are available for:

Recommendations for lodging and meals are available upon request.

Five KEYS to a Mission Seminar:

You will learn about these and so much more when you participate in a Mission Seminar.

What about Expenses?

There are no expenses for a Mission Seminar! The Interchurch Center operates a cafeteria in the basement of the building where participants of the Seminar may purchase lunch or refreshments. Lodging in the area is made by you, although we will make recommendations to you.

Additional Information

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