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Mission Celebration Events

Photo of a Mission EventA well-known mission education event is the District Mission Celebration Event. The purpose it to share the global perspective of Mission by using the personal mission story from interpreters. The events will concentrate on the global mission perspective of the United Methodist Church.

The goal of this event is to have every local church within that district to host one or more mission speakers within a three to five day period. Churches are expected to invite mission speakers to meet with different groups in the church so that everyone has a chance to hear the mission story in a variety of settings.

Mission education also should occur while listening to others share their experiences in mission as nurses, doctors, teachers, farmers, evangelists, pastors, builders, professors, and mechanics.

United Methodist districts and some sub-districts organize these events to celebrate mission and expand local and global mission awareness. The events take place either over a weekend or in some cases during the week with an opening event on the Sunday leading into that week.

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