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Christian Education for New Initiatives

Two Young Ladies Holding PuppetsThroughout the history of the mission of our church there has existed an ongoing need for resources that are culturally relevant and sensitive. Yettoday, resources that reflect one's own history and culture are being requested by emerging and reemerging churches.

Through cooperation between the Mission Education Program Area and these newand emerging churches, the Mission Education Program Area is responding to such requests. Mission Education staff facilitates the translation/adaptation/writing of resource material for children, youth and adults, as well as facilitating teacher training by working with local in-country project teams. These project teams usually include a coordinator, artist, writer and other local Christian Educators.Photo3 Christian Education

Through this cooperation, Christian Education resources are produced for a specific country, by that country, and in that country using their own language, there by providing materials that are both global in scope but appropriate to the particular context.

Mission Education also encourages and facilitates networking and the sharing of stories, ideas, artwork and learning's between participating Resource Development Teams.

Photo2 Christian EducationPresently Mission Education is working with Resource Development Teams in the emerging churches of Cambodia,Viet Nam, Laos, Mongolia, Honduras, Cameroon, and Senegal, and the reemerging churches in Russia, Serbia,

Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Initial planning for extending the program to El Salvador and Nicaragua is taking place.

You have the opportunity to partner with a new mission initiative church in resource development by sharing your contributions in support of this foundational ministry through The Advance:

Christian Education Resources for Emerging and Reemerging United Methodist Churches:

Advance #14234A

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