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Welcome to the Academy of Mission Renewal

A Mission Education Program of Leadership Development from the Mission Education Program Area, General Board of Global Ministries

The Academy of Mission Renewal arose from discussions among the directors of the General Board of Global Ministries' Mission Education program area as they recognized the need for a program of mission education for clergy, centered on the theology of mission to be carried out by annual conference leadership with resources from Global Ministries. This was quickly expanded to include all who, through your church-related offices or personal interests, are called to more fully understand God's Mission.

The Academy is neither a place nor a program, but is envisioned as an opportunity for United Methodists to expand our understandings of mission theology from a United Methodist framework, and to empower you to engage your congregation in God's Mission. We look for partnerships among church organizations to create organized settings for reflection on mission and mission theology using resources prepared by the General Board of Global Ministries Mission Education Unit. These settings may be through local congregations, districts, or annual conference agencies.

As a continuing education experience, programs may be implemented by the various church bodies or committees, or by interested participants themselves. Events may be offered in varying time lengths, and would occur within either the conference, a district, or a local arena, utilizing local and regional leadership. The events are to be tailored to the needs and interests of each group, recognizing our great diversity in style and level of missional involvement.

The benefits to the whole Church from these ongoing programs will be a medium for disseminating theological understandings and mission education concepts and practices throughout our Church. This firm foundation of Methodist missiology will enable congregations to have greater mission interest and involvement.

Faithful Witnesses is the first resource book of the Academy of Mission Renewal. It offers concepts of the theology and practice of mission involvement and seeks to assist you in developing a sound theology of the missio Dei -- that is, what God's Mission is and why we are called into mission -- giving you the language and understanding of how to engage your congregations in what mission is, and what it means to be the faithful witnesses of the Gospel through the Church in mission.

Future resources such as this will enable further and deeper study into United Methodist missiology, with an emphasis on specific missional issues and opportunities. You will want to visit these web pages of the Academy of Mission Renewal on the General Board of Global Ministries' website, where you will find these additional resources listed and previewed as they become available, along with comments and suggestions from participating groups and conference leaders for using the materials in your setting.

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