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Suggested Online Resources for Mission Studies and Missiology

The General Board of Global Ministries:http://gbgm-umc.org

Church World Service - USA: http://churchworldservice.org

The American Society of Missiology:http://www.asmweb.org

The Association of Professors of Mission: http://www.asmweb.org/apm

The Center for Global Christianity and Mission at the Boston University School of Theology:http://bu.edu/sth/cgcm

Rethinking Mission - A cooperative effort of USPG: (British) Anglicans in World Mission, the Methodist Church of Great Britain and Ireland and the Selly Oak Centre for Mission Studies: http://rethinkingmission.org

The World Council of Churches - Specifically the programs on "Unity, mission, evangelism and spirituality" and "Towards 2010" on the 100th anniversary celebration of the 1910 Edinburgh World Mission Conference: http://oikoumene.org

International Association for Mission Studies: http://missionstudies.org

The Overseas Ministries Study Center - An independent ecumenical organization supported by GBGM for the missiological studies: http://omsc.org

Yale Divinity School Library - A site for the archives and mission books of the best North American library collection for Protestant mission studies: http://library.yale.edu/div/MissionsResources.htm

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