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What Others are Saying About Faithful Witnesses

Faithful Witness: United Methodist Theology of MissionFaithful Witnesses, the first resource book of The Academy of Mission Renewal, is an excellent study process for any church groups, in the local church, district, or annual conference, who want to define and articulate their own mission theology.

Here is what some church leaders have said about this study:

With the tremendous increase in mission outreach of local churches through short term missions programs, the time is ripe for serious reflection on the theology of mission that undergirds all aspects of mission. Local church pastors and leaders will find that Faithful Witnesses, from the Academy of Mission Renewal, goes a long way in providing such a theology of mission that uniquely relates the mission goals of the GBGM with the sources of theology found in our Methodist Quadrilateral.

The Rev. Dr. Richard Darr, Pastor, Minooka (Illinois) United Methodist Church, Northern Illinois Annual Conference

All day long God is working for good in the world and God invites us to be a part of God's mission. But how do we do it? How can we participate in God's mission in our local communities and around the world? What does it mean to be engaged in a mission that transforms not only those to whom we go but those who are going? Faithful Witnesses is a wonderful tool for clergy and laity to help address these questions. The readings are theologically grounded in the Wesleyan tradition, contemporarily relevant and practically useful for those seriously seeking to engage in mission. This would be an excellent resource for a mission study group on a conference, district or local level.

The Rev. Dr. J. Denise Honeycutt, Director of Mission & Global Outreach, Virginia Conference of the UMC

Faithful Witnesses is a well-researched and much-needed book that will help both clergy and laity to reframe their picture of Christian mission and ministry in the 21st century. It clearly identifies the challenges and tensions, shifts and difficulties in reaching the goals of Christian mission in light of the rapidly disappearing old landmarks and familiar signposts. Going beyond theories, the authors address concrete methods for the implementation of mission strategies, and invite the readers with a call to Christian obedience. This is a key resource that would bring revitalization in the understanding of and engagement in Christian mission in our denomination's critical juncture.

The Rev. Dr. Jacob S. Dharmaraj, New York Annual Conference, and Dr. Glory E. Dharmaraj, Women's Division, General Board of Global Ministries

Faithful Witnesses: United Methodist Theology of Mission

By John Edward Nuessle
Study Guide by Diana L. Hynson

Ordering Informatation:
$14.95; Paperback
Publication date March 1, 2008
ISBN 978-1-933663-19-7
Available through Cokesbury:
Order online at http://gbgm-umc.org/e-store