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Fabiola Chikel Voices from Haiti: Fabiola

Fabiola Chikel is a college student at the University of Quisqueya in Haiti studying pediatrics. The General Board of Global Ministries supports her studies with an International Leadership Development grant.

Fabiola’s home was damaged in the January 12 earthquake and her family is living in a tent. She says that disaster has made her studies more challenging. Many teachers died and there are fewer classes offered. The library was destroyed and there is no access to books and limited school supplies. Because classes were suspended until April, the semester is extended into the summer, limiting her ability to work and offer financial support to her family. She is thankful for the opportunity to study and says her faith strengthens her and helps her manage the sadness and pressures resulting from the earthquake.

There are currently six scholarship recipients studying in Haiti. These stipends are for multiple years of graduate study in order to equip students for leadership roles in church and society. Your support of Leadership Development Advance #982468, Scholarships for students in Haiti helps give young people like Fabiola the opportunity and hope to be part of rebuilding Haiti.

Interview by Kendra Dunbar and Melissa Hinnen