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Red Bird Mission School Creates Lifelong Memories

by David Webb

Red Bird Mission Ah, the memories of school. Friendships and childhood sweethearts. Holiday parties and field trips. The tough teachers and their dreaded tests and assignments. The feelings of accomplishment when you aced that killer test. The lifelong connections. Such memories are created every day at schools everywhere. At Red Bird Mission School, the memories have a special element.

Red Bird Mission School serves students from kindergarten through high school. From its campus in Red Bird Mission in Kentucky, it meets its goals of providing a solid, challenging education combined with the values of The United Methodist Church. Enrollment fluctuates some, but currently 220 students receive their education from Red Bird Mission School.

Mission-minded members of the church understand that needs are always present. They respond in times of crisis--they provided relief to survivors of the Haitian earthquake. They also know that some needs are ongoing, like those of the people of Appalachia. Red Bird Mission has been working to meet those needs since 1921.

Red Bird Mission Chris Klimecko, Executive Director of Red Bird Mission, now faces a dilemma. "Red Bird Mission School has increased its fundraising efforts," Klimecko said, "and the long-range outlook is good." Nevertheless, Red Bird Mission School has faced financial shortfalls for four consecutive years. At its meeting to set the 2010 budget last fall, the Red Bird Mission Board of Directors passed a temporary budget, which does not include funding for the 2010-11 academic year.

Klimecko added, "The board will meet again in early March to revisit the budget." He hopes that a strong commitment to future funding will allow the school to continue to operate. Without such a commitment, the board will have to decide the most feasible way to overcome its budget shortfall. That may mean closing Red Bird Mission School.

We carry memories of school with us daily. Your generous support of Red Bird Mission School, Advance #773728, can prevent this valuable mission from becoming a memory itself.