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Theological Community of Honduras

By Adam Neal

Theological Community of Honduras

The Theological Community of Honduras (Comunidad Teológica) in Tegucigalpa is not just an educational institution offering courses on Theology. It is a place that offers many programs and trainings that also benefit the local communities.

There are 27 theological students in the Comunidad Teológica. The school has trained most of the pastors serving in the United Methodist Mission in Honduras. There is also a pre-theological program for those want to pursue theological and pastoral studies but that never finished high school.

A technical school is also a part of the campus and trains 370 young people in mechanics, computers, cosmetology and electronics. These programs are offered everyday in the afternoons. Just over 150 students come from "at risk" areas. These students are taught how to start small businesses that can give sustainment to them and to their families and a sense of personal and community transformation..

A clinic in the area provides healthcare for the community. One member of the community rode his horse to the clinic to see the doctor while I was there. They pay 20 lempiras (US$1.10) to see a doctor and receive medicines or a prescription.

Finally, a day care school is available for preschool children, so that parents are able to work, while their kids are cared for and nurtured.

The Theological Community of Honduras needs professors, teachers, pastors, individual and group volunteers, and medical teams to continue the work that benefits so many.

The Advance number for this program is #14313N.