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Voices from Haiti: Fabiola
Fabiola Chikel is a college student at the University of Quisqueya in Haiti studying pediatrics. The General Board of Global Ministries supports her studies with an International Leadership Development grant.
Ten Fold
The event will launch on October 10, 2010 and last for 10 days. Every day will focus on a different project supported through The Advance, the designated giving arm of The United Methodist Church.
Plymouth First United Methodist Youth Fast for Change
March 26, 2010, Plymouth, Michigan--Instead of breaking yolks, they decided to break yokes. Using materials provided by The Advance's B1 campaign, the youth of First United Methodist Church in Plymouth, Michigan, raised over $5,400 to give to the Kiev Street Children Ministry, Advance #14054A and to the Haiti Emergency Fund, Advance # 418325 in response to the January earthquake.
Red Bird Mission School Creates Lifelong Memories
Ah, the memories of school. Friendships and childhood sweethearts. Holiday parties and field trips. The tough teachers and their dreaded tests and assignments. The feelings of accomplishment when you aced that killer test.
Chile Earthquake
March 1, 2010--Six weeks following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, another natural disaster has occurred. A major earthquake struck Chile on February 27, prompting Chile's president to say that her nation was facing a catastrophe.
Financial Reports for 2009
Support of missionaries and projects through The Advance remained strong in 2009, according to the Financial Report released by the General Board of Global Ministries. Despite the recession, gifts of support totaled over $34.5 million, and United Methodists are dedicated to meeting the needs of others both nationally and globally.
United Methodists Respond with Prayer, Aid for Haiti
January 13, 2010 —“We are OK, the building held up, thanks for your prayers.” After hours of uncertainty in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake that rocked Haiti, those words from his wife, Pam, and two other members of a mission team were an answered prayer for the Rev. Kenneth Carter Jr. of Providence United Methodist Church in Charlotte, N.C.
Advance Projects Combat Tragedy of Human Trafficking
January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In this season of the Epiphany, your support of anti-human trafficking projects through The Advance can make the difference in someone's life.
Artists Creatively Combat Chagas Disease
Brenda Phillips, an artist residing in Meriden, New Hampshire, is on a national crusade to use her artwork to fight Chagas infection in the Andean villages of Bolivia.
Animation: How to track your church's gifts
The Advance Online Gift Tracking tool is a great way to verify the receipt and allocation of Advance gifts. A new animated tutorial has been developed to demonstrate how to generate a report on the gifts of your church. The animation shows step-by-step how to go from The Advance home page to the customization of your report.
The Advance Launches New E-Newsletter on Designated Mission Giving
The Advance for Christ and His Church--The Advance--has a new monthly electronic and online newsletter to encourage United Methodist designated mission giving and to report to church members on projects they may already be supporting.
Celebrating Children's Sabbaths Through The Advance
The premier issue of the Advancing Hope e-newsletter reminds us that the world's most vulnerable, our children, need our support year-round.
Christmas and Family: Good News for Everyone
"Christmas is a time to share with family." Our ears, thoughts, and hearts are so full of such words that we believe that without family there can be no Christmas. For those who can't physically be with our families, Christmas can be a time of sorrow instead of rejoicing.
That We May Live Together: Asian Rural Institute
For 35 years, the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) has trained rural community leaders to quietly transform the world. The 18-acre ARI farm, situated in Nasushiobara, in northern Japan, enables its students to re-imagine their communities as harbors for peace and justice and then gives them the tools to make it so.
Sixty Years Old and on Firm Foundation: The Advance Moves Into the Future With Hope
The Advance for Christ and His Church, the designated mission giving program of The United Methodist Church, has a new structure, a new staff, and will have a new look in coming months. Read more...
Center for Assistance to Needy Children
Franco Ibacache had been coming for 10 years. First, he came because he was hungry and he heard that the church ladies gave out free toys. He kept coming because he liked the company and made friends. Later he came because he enjoyed hearing about God. Read more....
Red Bird Missionary Conference
The Red Bird valley, nestled in the Appalachian mountains of southeastern Kentucky is an isolated area where three counties come together. Read more...
Theological Community of Honduras
The Theological Community of Honduras in Tegucigalpa is not just an educational institution. Read more....
Shelter for Dispossessed Widows, Massinga
The shelter opened in 1992. Over the years the women have formed a close knit community. They grow their own food and help support one another. The conference helps with medical assistance when needed and a nurse visits twice a week. Read more....
Nothing But Nets
Please join the effort to end the diseases of poverty by giving through The Advance to Nothing But Nets, a global campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa.
Ministries in Panama: Bridges Being Built
Almost everyone asks when the bridge will be built. It was washed out years ago in a torrent of rain, not uncommon in the Caribbean, so the indigenous people must bring their wares to market by pulling themselves by rope in a basket, one or two at a time across the Rio San Juan.
"Slumdog Millionaire" and the True Story of Hope in Methodist Street Children's Ministries
"Slumdog Millionaire" swept the Academy Awards. Yet the subject of the movie is not new to the Methodist Ministry in Mumbai, India, which has been helping street children for decades.