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March 2009

Women Honor Women at Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana in Costa Rica

Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana In 1993, Maria do Carmo Moreira was arrested for hanging out with homeless teens in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ms. do Carmo Moreira used that experience to understand and help young homeless people and launched the Black Women's Theological Society in Brazil. Her theological studies led her to The Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana (UBL), a vast and varied university that began in 1923 as a Costa Rican women's Bible institute.

Ms. Do Carmo Moreira's story is one of 20 featured in Portraits: Testimonies from Graduates of the Latin American Biblical University, edited by Dr. Janet W. May.

Dr. May, a professor and theologian, is also a Global Ministries missionary who has mentored young women like Ms. do Carmo Moreira at UBL since 1986. Dr. May has taught courses in feminist theology, gender issues, love and health, liturgy, and Bible studies. A missionary since 1973, Dr. May quietly encourages marginalized women like Ms. Do Carmo Moreira to hear and act on God's call for transforming the world.

UBL, uniquely located in Costa Rica, spans two continents, North and South America. The university consists of 19 study centers in 14 countries.

"The UBL is perceived as a place where there is intellectual freedom, where students are encouraged to question and to search for answers, without denomination doctrinal restrictions, while at the same time respecting historical wisdom," wrote Dr. May in the introduction to Portraits.

The intellectual freedom spurs women to empower other women: "I returned with the certainty that youth and working women had to be empowered, to recognize themselves as active participants in their reality and with their own struggles for liberation," wrote Ms. Do Carmo Moreira upon her return to Brazil from Costa Rica.

Support the women who honor other women in their pursuit of theology; give to the Latin American Biblical University, Advance #09139A. Assist with scholarships for international students; give to Scholarship Assistance, Advance #10247B. To make an online donation to the missionary connection, give to Janet May #05218Z.

Photo Above: Missionary Janet May working with students at the Latin American Biblical University.

B1: One Being Being One Advocate of the Month

Through a B1 event in February, nearly a hundred teenagers from Medford and Epworth, New Jersey raised almost $5,000 for the Haitian Creole Pig Project, Advance #418002 and Society of St. Andrew, Advance #801600. Raising money through the B1 fast, the New Jersey kids are helping to alleviate hunger in Haiti and the US.
For more on the New Jersey youth's fast, visit: http://www.medfordumc.org/youth/b1wrapup.shtml

B1: GBGM staffDid You Know?

Global Ministries began Lent and observed Ash Wednesday the B1 way. Seventy-six Global Ministries staff, family, and friends are participating in the pilot. Forty-five people have made pledges totaling $3,309. For information on how you can get your coworkers, family members, and friends to join you in the B1 campaign, visit:www.fasttodaychangetomorrow.org

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