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Bulletin Inserts

The Advance produces bulletin inserts about programs and ministries that you can download and print. We offer this resource in Microsoft Word and Adobe® PDF format. It has one 8 1/2" x 11" "landscape style" page designed to be cut in half and printed back-to-back.

Methodist Community Center in Alto da Bondade
The Reverend Cicero Batista de Freitas and the Olinda Methodist Church dedicate their lives to caring and nurturing the children of their community.
Shade and Fresh Water in Manaus, Brazil
Shade and Fresh Water is a popular Brazilian expression that transmits a desire to find a place that provides for protection from life’s harsh realities. One of those harsh realities is that the Brazilian family is in crisis.
Wesley Hospital Boat
The Amazon Missionary Conference of the Methodist Church of Brazil is a large conference about half the size of the United States. The primary method of travel in the region is by boat. The Wesley Hospital boat is able to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to hundreds of people along the Amazon River Banks.
Bringing hope from Brazil to Mozambique
Bishop João Somane Machado of Mozambique studied in Brazil and has encouraged the Methodist Churches of the two countries to share resources and exchange missionaries. One of Bishop Machado’s dreams was for Brazil to send Portuguese speaking doctors and trained medical staff to Mozambique. Soon that dream will be a reality.
The Kissy Maternity And Health Center
Kissy Hospital is one of many UMC medical centers in the recently war torn country of Sierra Leone. The Kissy clinics focus primarily on two health issues, maternity care and eye care. The eye hospital sees hundreds of patients every week to treat eye diseases, provide eye exams, and perform surgeries
The Kissy Eye Clinic
Kissy United Methodist Eye Hospital is the only surgical facility for eye diseases and impairments for several millions of people in Sierra Leone.