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Project Guidelines

(Revised January, 2012)


Criteria to Become an Advance Project for 2013-2016

  1. Must submit a complete application to The Advance
  2. For a project that works outside of the US, the project must have worked in collaboration with or be a part of a United Methodist Central Conference, Mission Initiative, or Partner Church of The General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) OR be an organization that has received funding from or worked collaboratively with UMCOR, GBGM.
  3. Must be in accordance with the priorities of the local bishop or president of the Church (for United Methodist or partner Churches) or executive director of the project (for ecumenical or non-faith-based partners). For projects that are global or regional in scope, a Global Ministries unit executive will be responsible for identifying if the project is a priority in the local areas where the project will operate.
  4. Must demonstrate that the project is working towards one or more of the four areas of focus: (leadership development in the Church, developing new congregations, partnering with the poor to alleviate and end poverty, and/or addressing health-related issues)
  5. Must have a system of financial accountability and be able to provide Global Ministries with documentation of all receipts and disbursements if requested.
  6. Must have access to a bank account that accepts US dollars to which disbursements from GBGM can be made. The bank account name should be the name of the organization or church and the account should have multiple signatories.
  7. Must NOT be an individual
  8. Must have a Child Protection Policy or Values Statement that demonstrates standards for child safety such as those stated in the Convention on the Rights of Child can also be found at http://www.unicef.org/protection/index_22417.html and how these policies or values will be implemented.
  9. Projects based in the United States must have global, national, or regional (more than one annual conference) appeal. For projects that do not meet this criteria, The United Methodist Book of Discipline outlines guidelines for Annual Conference Advance Programs in Paragraph 655.
  10. Must have an annual financial goal (to be raised through The Advance) of US $5,000 or more.
  11. Must have received monetary gifts for this project from local sources. (Local sources may include local individuals, congregations, businesses, foundations, government grants, etc.)
  12. Must have potential United Methodist donors that are already identified from outside the local area.
  13. Must have a plan that realistically demonstrates how the project will take advantage of the Advance status and actively work to raise funds through The Advance in order to meet the project's annual financial goal.

Priority may be given to projects that:

  1. Provide a plan of becoming financially sustainable, if applicable.
  2. Provide promotional materials such as digital photos, stories, PowerPoint presentations, video footage, or other materials that can be used by The Advance to promote the project.

Requirements to continue as a project of The Advance

  1. Must submit a complete annual project report
  2. Must be making progress towards project goals and outcomes
  3. Must show measurable results of progress
  4. Must use gifts according to the purposes listed in the budget of the project application
  5. Must have received $500 or more given through The Advance over the last two years.


The next application deadline is March 1, 2012.
• Contact The Advance Office to request internet link to the online application.
• Complete the Application Form.

Put recurring (program) and non-recurring (capital) askings on the same form. Make sure the project description is complete.

• Obtain Necessary Approvals.

On the application form, the applicant will provide the names and contact information of the local bishop or president of the Church (for United Methodist or partner Churches) or executive director of the project (for ecumenical or non-faith-based partners). An approval form with a link to the application will be sent to them. The bishop, president, or executive director will submit this form electronically to The Advance. Next, one of the Global Ministries Program Areas (each Program Area has a different mission focus) and Cabinet (made up of the directors of each Program Area) determine whether the application meets the criteria presented above; and, finally, The Advance Committee (similar to a board of directors for The Advance) makes the final decision whether or not to approve the application.




For more information, contact The Advance Office at 475 Riverside Drive, Room 350,
New York, NY 10115; Tel. (212) 870-3790, Fax (212) 870-3775;
E-mail: advance@gbgm-umc.org.