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Nationals in Mission (NiM)

Persons in MissionNationals in Mission (NiM) are positions of service where local leaders serve in emerging, innovative ministries and enhance the development of Methodist and ecumenical leadership programs around the world. The NiM program enables the transition from mission personnel based predominantly on United States citizens to a more diverse missionary force through the emergence of local leadership in other countries.

The General Board of Global Ministries recognizes the need and priority of churches and ecumenical agencies in developing a supporting national leadership to carry out vital ministries. Through grants from its Mission Contexts and Relationships program area, the NiM program enables a colleague church or ecumenical partner to recruit and hire their own personnel to be in mission in his or her own country. NiM programs develop plans of sustainability so as not to rely solely on the financial support of Global Ministries.

Fast Facts:

How are missionary programs and the Nationals in Mission program alike?

  • They are programs of the General Board of Global Ministries, the mission agency of The United Methodist Church
  • They rely on the generous support of individuals and congregations like you
  • They meet various needs of people in nations throughout the world

Fast Facts:

How are missionary programs and the Nationals in Mission program different?

  • Missionaries are hired, trained, and paid by Global Ministries.  Persons employed through the Nationals in Mission program are hired, trained, and paid by partner churches and organizations in those lands.

With the exception of Church & Community Workers and US-2’s, missionaries from one nation usually go to minister in another.  Nationals in Mission is a program that assists partner churches and organizations to hire people in their own nation to fulfill needs in their homeland

Download a Nationals in Mission information flyer:

PDF: Portable Document FileNationals in Mission Flyer, PDF (color) (3 page, 62K)

Priorities and Ministries of the NiM Program:

  • advocacy
  • community-based health care
  • ecological concerns
  • evangelism/church growth
  • interfaith relations
  • justice for the poor and oppressed
  • leadership training/skills development
  • need of the elderly
  • theological education
  • women/children/youth
  • other