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List of B1 Resources

  2. Download B1 Campaign Student Handbook Revised for 2012
  3. The B1 Logo
  4. B1 Sign-In Sheet
  5. B1 Worship
  6. B1 Schedule
  7. B1 Letter to Parents
  8. B1 Consent and Release
  9. B1 Reflections
  10. B1 Alternatives to Food Fasting
  11. B1 Follow -Up Activities
  12. B1 Pledge
  13. B1 I Love Maps
  14. B1 Evaluation Forms
  15. B1: Sample Local Press Release for B1
  16. B1 Lent Advertisement for Website

List of Supplemental Resources

  1. Using a FlipCam or some other device
  2. Hunger Map Exercise
  3. B1 Overview Flyer and UMVIM Flyer
  4. A Youth and Young Adult Response to the Haiti Earthquake
  5. B1 Sponsor Request Talking Points
  6. A Video Resource: B1 Video
  7. A New B1 Powerpoint Resource For Leaders
  8. B1 Discussion Prompts


B1 curriculum cover pageBy Bridget Nelson and April McGlothin-Eller

On the following pages you'll find the curriculum for B1. This curriculum was written by two United Methodist young adults who are passionate about changing the world around them through education. Other young adults have also contributed to the B1 curriculum.


PDF: Portable Document FileComplete Curriculum (45 pp, 1095K)

Download the Curriculum in sections:
PDF: Portable Document FileSection A: Biblical Foundations: Bible Studies and Activities (5 pp, 104K)
PDF: Portable Document FileSection B: What is Poverty? What is Hunger? (5 pp, 144K)
PDF: Portable Document FileSection C: Games and Activities That Make a Point (26 pp, 265K)
PDF: Portable Document FileSection D: For More Information (6 pp, 106K)


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Download B1 Campaign Student Handbook Revised for 2012

B1 Student Handbook 2012The student handbook is a small booklet containing information about B1, poverty, and the Advance projects highlighted for B1 2012. B1 is a 24-hour food fasting event for youth, which raises money to empower the poor and disempower unjust systems sustaining poverty in our world. B1 connects youth to the issues facing our impoverished sisters and brothers around the world, and the ways The United Methodist Church can help eradicate poverty through The Advance.
PDF: Portable Document FileDownload B1 Student Handbook  (18 page Color PDF, 2.28 mb)


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B1: One Being Being One The B1 Logo

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B1: Sign-in B1 Sign-In Sheet

PDF: Portable Document FileDownload Sign-In Sheet (1 page PDF, 323 K)


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