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B1... Connect: One Being, Being One

B1 stands for "one being, being one." This program seeks to connect youth to the issues facing their sisters and brothers both in their immediate communities and around the world.

B1: UnityMaking Connections

B1 is about making connections.

We are more similar than our minds might allow us to understand. The differences between us are the systems that affect the resources available to each of us and our families.

B1 equips us to see the connections between ourselves and our sisters in Ghana, between our Ghanaian sisters and our brothers in Virginia, between our Virginian brothers and our siblings in Chile, and on and on around the world.

B1: One Being Being One Gifts That Make a Difference

One being, being one is not about thinking we can save someone's life through giving money or going without food for 24 hours; rather, B1 means our lives are connected to our poor sisters and brothers. We make a difference in their lives when we make a difference in our own lives, and by how we choose to make use of our resources and privileges.

The projects highlighted on the B1 website represent organizations and communities empowering our poor sisters and brothers.

Gifts through The Advance affect real people. They are children and elders, they represent every beautiful shade of God's color palate, they love school, they hate school, and they come from many types of families... just like us!