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2012 Advance Projects & Handbook

B1 Projects 2012

Download B1 Campaign Student Handbook Revised for 2012

The student handbook is a small booklet containing information about B1, poverty, and the Advance projects highlighted for B1 2012. B1 is a 24-hour food fasting event for youth, which raises money to empower the poor and disempower unjust systems sustaining poverty in our world. B1 connects youth to the issues facing our impoverished sisters and brothers around the world, and the ways The United Methodist Church can help eradicate poverty through The Advance.

PDF: Portable Document File Download B1 Student Handbook (18 page Color PDF, 2.28 mb)

2012 Advance Projects

The projects highlighted on this page represent some of the organizations and communities empowering our poor sisters and brothers that youth can support through B1, a 24-hour fasting event:

Frido KinkolengeMissionary: Frido Kinkolenge, Liberia, Advance # 15152Z

A missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries and the EmK Weltmission (United Methodist Church in Germany), Frido N. Kinkolenge is director of Children's Ministries in the UMC Liberia Annual Conference and EmK Weltmission Children's Project manager in Liberia. He works with the Liberia ex-combatant children ministry, which helps former child soldiers to be reintegrated into the community and accepted back into their families. With intensive counseling, life-skills training, and love, Frido is helping to reintegrate these young people into the community through education in drug-related and trauma-healing workshops.

UM Mission Church and Community Worker: Lisa Maupin, USA, Advance # 3021274

Lisa Maupin is a United Methodist missionary serving as a Church and Community Worker at United Methodist Ministries–Missouri River District, a project of the Nebraska Annual Conference, which has a major emphasis on food security. While centered in the Missouri River District, it is a conference-wide ministry. The district covers 11 mostly rural counties and one urban county (Omaha). The Big Garden is its cooperative approach to community-based food production.

Appalachia Service Project Appalachian Service Project (ASP), USA, Advance # 982041

In 1969, Glenn"Tex" Evans, a mission-minded Methodist minister, began a home-repair outreach to help people in Central Appalachia who had very little hope of help otherwise—and thus ASP was born. Throughout Central Appalachia, there continue to be hundreds of families in need of warmer, safer, and drier homes. Although ASP started in a single location with 50 youth and young adult volunteers, the project now works in 25 different locations each summer, repairing about 400 homes. Since the project's inception, more than 250,000 ASP volunteers have repaired about 13,000 homes.

Mongolia Mission Initiative Mongolia Mission Initiative, Mongolia, Advance #00209A

The Mongolia Mission Initiative began in 2002, when a hospice ministry was created primarily to serve terminally ill patients in poor neighborhoods. Today, the UM mission has expanded with a mission center and congregations in and around Ulaanbaatar. Properties in two locations offer a place of worship and afterschool programs for children from poor families. It is common in Mongolia for parents to abandon their children. Through the afterschool program, the mission offers a significant learning opportunity for these children.

Kara Johansen Crawford Mission Intern: Kara Johansen Crawford, Colombia, Advance # 3021332

Kara Johansen Crawford is a mission intern with the General Board of Global Ministries, serving initially with Centro Popular para América Latina de Comunicación (CEPALC), based in Bogotá, Colombia. She was commissioned in August of 2011. CEPALC sponsors and promotes communications initiatives that benefit communities of poverty. Kara works with projects focused on alternative media and communications strategies that empower women. This involves video, radio, television, and internet technology.

Kamina Friends EnterpriseKamina Friends Enterprises Facilitation and Economic Development, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Advance #3020510

The North Katanga region of the DRC was devastated by civil wars. Kamina Friends established the Kamina project in 2003 to help alleviate the resulting severe economic distress. Through the Enterprise Facilitation model developed by the Sirolli Institute, the mission of Kamina Friends is to establish training and an education-based approach, with a supporting network of community members in Kamina to coach, encourage, and help local entrepreneurs unlock their potential. Kamina Friends expects to see synergistic benefits in the community, including improved quality of life in healthcare, education, community infrastructure, and self-governance; and greater opportunities for women, men, and children.