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Sushil BhujbalSushil Bhujbal

Media Communication Administrator
Phone: 212-870-3533
Email: sbhujbal@gbgm-umc.org

Sushil Bhujbal comes from Pune, Northern India. He was raised and brought up in United Church of Northern India. Sushil graduated from University of Poona with a Bachelor's in Physics in 1993. He came to the United States to pursue a Masters in Divinity at New York Theological Seminary.

For past several years he has worked in the United Methodist Church as a music minister. He has worked as a developer and manager of the website for the Gateway North District of the Greater New Jersey Conference (GNJC), prior to joining The Advance. Facilitating training and seminars throughout GNJC to help churches around the world apply Internet technology to enhance evangelism, discipleship, and care.

At The Advance, Sushil:

  • • Manages digital project profiles online.
  • • Generates and distributes e-newsletter.