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Frequently Asked Questions: The Advance

John Wesley School for Persons with Disabling Conditions

What is The Advance?
The Advance is the official designated giving arm of the United Methodist Church that ensures 100% of each gift reaches its intended mission or ministry. Through The Advance, United Methodists can support a mission project or the missionary community.

Why Should I Give Through The Advance?

How Are Advance Projects Selected?

How do Projects get Funded?

Why Would I Give Through The Advance Instead of Sending Money Directly to the Project or Missionary?

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Who gives through The Advance?

How Can I Receive an Update on the Projects that My Church is Supporting?
Check the web site, contact The Advance staff or visit a project through UMVIM. Through visits, newsletters, email and other forms of correspondence, Global Ministries is constantly collecting information about our project partners. Projects are required to send yearly updates to The Advance. Content from these updates is used in Global Ministries' publications such as the web site, press releases, newsletters, email and New World Outlook magazine.

How do missionaries receive support?
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