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Mission Volunteers
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Ways to get involved

The Mission Volunteers Program Area, offers channels to numerous opportunities for United Methodists to pursue their interest in volunteering. These programs cover a broad range of possibilities for different ages and skills.

Disaster Relief
Mission Volunteers help with many aspects of emergency relief and recovery after a disaster strikes. Working in conjunction with UMCOR, volunteers receive emergency relief training and provide a Christian presence within a community. They address the long-term effects of a disaster, assisting in the rebuilding of lives, structures, and communities.

Individual Volunteers
Embark on a spiritual journey with new experiences every day! Serve in approved locations around the world for two months or more where the host community has requested a volunteer. Experiences are as varied as the places where volunteers serve.

The NOMADS (Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service) program offers persons with recreational vehicles the opportunity to share their time and skills in meaningful Christian service at United Methodist-related mission agencies, camps, churches, and in disaster response. Spending up to three weeks at a project site, NOMADS enjoy fellowship with other Christians while traveling with a purpose.

Primetimers offers educational and mission service experience for older adults. Exciting 5-10 day events offer opportunities for educational forums, cross-cultural exposure, faith-filled reflection, and greater exposure to the work of the United Methodist Church and the church universal.

This program provides mission team service opportunities for educational professionals. Teachers are invited to places around the world to help instruct both youth and adults, showing by example how Christ is part of their lives. Each year a variety of teams are scheduled with teaching emphasis both in the U.S. and abroad. Events increase the awareness, sensitivity and commitment of the volunteers to learn from those whom they serve, to build bridges and to be faithful servants of Jesus Christ.

United Methodist Fellowship of Health Care Volunteers
Health Care Volunteers, use their knowledge and skills to serve others who might not otherwise have access to medical care. Their work sites range from well-equipped hospitals to temporary clinics in remote parts of the world. They invite and enable health care professionals to nurture and witness their Christian faith through healing ministries, providing health care to those who are suffering and in need.

United Methodist Volunteers In Mission
Mission Volunteer teams serve around the world in a variety of ways for one to three weeks at a time. Working cooperatively with partner churches, mission teams assist with the construction of sanctuaries and other buildings, participate in worship services, conduct Bible Schools for people of different ages, and come to know and love their sisters and brothers from other cultures. Our United Methodist-related National Mission Institutions and many local churches welcome the help of volunteers in the construction or remodeling of buildings and many other service ministries. Volunteers may be a part of feeding programs, after-school activities, job-skills training for adults, English classes for recent immigrants, and a host of other vital hands-on tasks. UMVIM teams also serve in many other capacities, from basic literacy training, to the teaching of farming skills, to the demonstration of techniques for water collection and irrigation.

Ubuntu eXplorer Journeys
Through partnership with Mission Volunteers and the Women's Division of United Methodist Women, participants from the US are hosted by women's organizations in other countries. The program allows Christian sisters to understand and share together the daily life, joys, struggles, culture, challenges, and opportunities of women.

Youth Opportunities
Youth mission teams working within the US or around the world experience firsthand what serving others really means. Youth work hard to clean yards, paint walls, play with and teach children, and do many other jobs as they share their love of Christ with others.