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NEJ UMVIM Conference Coordinators, June 2001

Alma Mathews House
New York, NY

A photo of the Northeastern (NEJ) UMVIM Conference Coordinators and representatives at their June meeting at Alma Mathews. Pictured in columns l/r and bottom/top are: Helen Hummel, Central PA; Sandy Rowland, Baltimore/Washington; Marcia Kindt Coleman, Central PA; Janet Houston, Troy; Ned McMillan, Western NY; Mildred Hamilton, Peninsula- Delaware; Don Hamilton, Peninsula- Delaware; Greg Forrester, UMVIM, NEJ Coordinator; Jeanie Blankenbaker, Mission Volunteers; Chuck Gommer, Wyoming; Barbara Edwards, New York; Peter Houston, Troy; Vi Gommer, Wyoming; Donna Nassoiy, North Central New York; Anna McMillan, Western New York;. Gordon Hendrickson, Eastern Pennsylvania.