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Mission Volunteers Board of Directors, Fall 2004 Meeting

The new Mission Volunteers Board of Directors for 2005-2008 met on October 20 with Mission Volunteers staff and resource persons, during the GBGM Fall meeting in Stamford, Connecticut. Jude Exantus of Haiti VIM, Ana Maria Lopez of Bolivia, Walter and Betty Whitehurst of the Individual Volunteer program, Northeastern Jurisdiction UMVIM Coordinator Greg Forrester, Global Justice Volunteers and Primetimers Coordinator Kimberly Lehmann, and MV Assistant General Secretary Jeanie Blankenbaker briefed the directors. Marked by vigorous discussion and suggestions from the directors, the meeting was further enlivened by group singing of African American, Chilean, Mexican and Nigerian songs led by Walt with his ukelele.

Mission Volunteers Board of Directors - Seated, left to right: Leah Solomon Olusiyi (Nigeria Conference), Emily Dawson-Petersen (Rocky Mountain), Guy C. Ames (Oklahoma), Frances Woodworth (Red Bird Missionary), Gloria Holt (North Alabama), John Culp (South Carolina). Standing: Paul Wiley (Troy), Nancy Eubanks (Memphis), Kathleen Enzminger (Dakotas), Judith E. Siaba (Northern Illinois), Marilyn Zehring (Nebraska), Byoung Baek (Western New York).

Jude Exantus, guest from Haiti VIM, with Randy Day, GBGM General Secretary

Kathleen Enzminger, convenor of the Mission Volunteers Board of Directors

Jude Exantus, center, speaking on how the church can affect what's happening in Haiti

Betty Whitehurst, talking about several members of the Meyer family in Oregon who have served as individual volunteers in Bolivia, Peru, and Chile.

Ana Maria Lopez of Bolivia, works as an individual volunteer with three Hispanic churches in Virginia on food distribution, Sunday school, and other programs for immigrant people

Leah Solomon Olusiyi gave a gift from West Africa Central Conference to Walter and Betty Whitehurst on the occasion of their retirement as directors of the Individual Volunteer program

(Photos by Jeanie Blankenbaker and Kim Lehmann)