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Mission Volunteers Board of Directors, Spring 2005 Meeting

Stamford, Connecticut
April 12, 2005

The Board of Directors of the Mission Volunteers Program Area of the General Board of Global Ministries convened  for their semi-annual meeting on April 12 in Stamford, Conn.  They reviewed and affirmed staff reports; heard reports from Erika Larson, Global Justice Volunteer; Rev. and Mrs. David Glusker, individual volunteers; and Greg Forrester, Individual Volunteer Program Coordinator. They celebrated end-of-year statistics from UMVIM Jurisdictional Coordinators, with 62 out of 63 Annual Conferences reporting. A total of 164 individual volunteers served in 27 countries and 13 U.S. states. A total of 68,204 volunteers served on UMVIM teams in 51 countries and 37 U.S. states, contributing $43 million toward medical and construction projects, and $58 million in value of donated hours worked.

Young adult missioners Shalom Agtarap and Erika Larson
with Kim Lehmann, GBGM Mission Volunteers staff member

Erika Larson makes a presentation on her
Global Justice Volunteer experience in Hong Kong

Greg Forrester, Coordinator of the Individual Volunteer Program, shares 2004 highlights. Nancy Glusker, individual volunteer, and Marilyn Zehring, GBGM director,
are seated to his right.

Rev. David Glusker, an individual volunteer, tells of his experience as a pastor
in the Central Eleuthera District of the Bahamas Conference of The Methodist Church.

Directors enjoy Rev. Glusker's stories of his time
in the Central Eleuthera District, Bahamas

Board Directors review staff report and respond positively

(Photos by Kim Lehmann & Michael DeBorja)