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Virginia Beach Team Helps in Hurricane Isabel Relief

By Jeanette Cunningham
October 2003

A mission team from Charity and Courthouse Community United Methodist Churches in Virginia Beach, Virginia traveled to Engelhard, North Carolina on October 8-12 to aid persons affected by hurricane Isabel. The people of Engelhard were so grateful that we were there to help them. Some residents had as much as four feet of water in their homes, or trees that had fallen on their property.

The mission team, with God's encouragement, was able to rip out walls and floors, pull wet insulation from under houses, and cut down and clean up trees that had fallen. It was not hard to see the face of Jesus when we met many of these people. One sweet lady, Miss Mabel, had a huge tree limb that had crushed her home. However, her trust in the Lord was never shaken. She always had a smile on her face for everyone.

One day, the team came to a pecan tree that had fallen in a yard next to an old Episcopal Church. After clearing the tree we had an opportunity to visit inside the church. This small church was built in 1864 and had beautiful stained glass windows and a large blue pipe organ.

There were many examples of joy and love both given and received by the mission team. Each member of the team has many stories that will be in their hearts for the rest of their lives. The team attended church on Sunday at Soule United Methodist Church and finished out the great trip by experiencing worship with the local residents.