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Buraku Liberation Center Leaders Visit GBGM

Executive GBGM staff met with representatives from the Buraku Liberation Center, a program of The United Church of Christ in Japan, when they visited GBGM in late May 2005. Discussion centered around the possibility of individual volunteers and Global Justice Volunteers serving at the center helping to raise awareness of the Burakuan population struggle for recognition and justice.

Left to right: Rev.Taka Ishi, Pastor of Metropolitan Duane UMC in NYC; Becky Asedillo, Connectional Ministries (hidden); Barbara Wheeler, Mission Personnel; Jeanie Blankenbaker, Mission Volunteers; Rev. Tanimoto Kazuhiro, Acting Director of the Buraku Liberation Center, and Rev. Sanji Higashioka, Steering Committee Chairperson of the Center.

Japanese Liberation Center Breaks the Silence of Injustice, by Mary Beth Coudal