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Liberia-CamphorMission-girls-iconIn Liberia: District Conference as a VIM Experience
12/28/09: United Methodists in St. John River District in Liberia took more than report forms when they went to district conference. They also took tools and wheelbarrows and, along with conducting worship and Bible study, worked as Volunteers in Mission, indicating the broad appeal of the VIM movement.


Primetimers 2010 Event-Justice on the Border-pupilsPrimetimers mission activities cover range of locales
10/6/09: Environmental protection, Methodism in Latin America, music in Jamaica, and justice issues along the US-Mexican border are among the week-long educational forums available to United Methodist older adults in 2010 and early 2011 through the Primetimers mission volunteer program.


Costa Rica-teenspaintingceiling-iconUnaccompanied youth and VIM teams
Q & A between Jana Meyer and Bonnie Albert
9/25/09: We’d like to keep mission trips accessible to youth whose parents are not able to go with them. One of the keys is to do a good job of orientation with the team prior to going out to serve and to include the parents in this orientation. 


Costa Rica-UMRMission team sees Methodism thriving in Costa Rica
By Jim Jones, UMR
8/27/09: We formed a circle under a mango tree in Alajuela, Costa Rica, and served each other Communion. It was a fitting climax to a spiritual adventure in which we sought to follow Jesus' teaching about loving our fellow human beings.


UMVIM youth in the Gulf Coast-UMRUM teams strengthen global ties
By Bill Fentum, UMR
8/21/09: Mission opportunities for youth serve almost as rites of passage in some congregations. "It gave the kids a vision that there's a great need for the body of Christ to come together in mission, and they have something to bring to the table.”


CostaRica VIM-FtWorth Star-TelegramMission trips surge as more seek to make a difference
By Jim Jones, Ft Worth Star-Telegram
8/17/09: "The short-term mission trip has just exploded in terms of participation," said Dana Robert, professor of missions at Boston University School of Theology. "For the globalization generation of young people, it has replaced summer church camps as the means of spiritual formation."


Woodycrest UMC soup kitchenWoodycrest UMC distributes food from NY Yankees
By Richard Sandomir, The New York Times
8/15/09: “When we get it, we give it away,” said the Rev. Denise Pickett. "We have a lot of people on social services, on Medicaid, a lot of immigrants, families with three, four, five kids... We have seniors in wheelchairs...” The recession has doubled the size of the church’s Wednesday soup kitchen.


Anna at Emana in ChileHoles are filled among many VIMs
by Becky Harrell and Debi Tyree
8/14/09: "During my years in Chile, I have witnessed a filling of the 'hole' among many members of Volunteers in Mission (VIM) teams or individuals who have ventured to live and work with those living in poverty," says Becky Harrell.


Methodist youths renovate homes of the poor
This summer, dozens of United Methodist youth groups of middle and high school students from across the nation journeyed to San Marcos, Texas, for a week-long mission trip to renovate 17 homes belonging to families or individuals living in poverty as part of the San Marcos River Work Camp.


Walt and Betty Whitehurst singing Este es el dia“God was already there”: an interview with Walt and Betty Whitehurst on United Methodist Volunteers in Mission
July, 2009: Some volunteers have gone out thinking they would take God to the people, and learned that God was already there. Most volunteers have been renewed spiritually by the deep faith of the people they worked with, despite their poverty.


Brittany Burrows and orphan Linda-iconIndividual Volunteers in a Congo orphanage
By Christina Cavener and Brittany Burrows
June, 2009: Serving at Jamaa Letu Orphanage, Christina and Brittany lead the children in bible studies, worship, and games. They also teach music, reading, spelling, grammar, science, composition and English at TESOL Methodist School.


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