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Drama for the Local Church

Introduction of the Advance Special for Malaria Control
Advance Special # 982009

Written by Kathy Smith, UMVIM Coordinator, Illinois Great Rivers Conference.

Staging: One person to eloquently read the text below and as many youth available from the congregation to stand up front. A low-octave hand-bell, piano or organ key tolls every 30 seconds. A youth exits the front with each tolling of the bell.


This is a life. A child's life. Living in Sub-Saharan Africa. In a city, or in the countryside.

Playing outside, sleeping with no screen on windows, not noticing the silent killer, the mosquito that does not irritate by buzzing around, does not cause much itching or redness.

A child bitten, a child infected. One parasite in the liver, soon 30,000 growing parasites . Now thousands of parasites streaming out into the blood vessels of the child, invading the precious life carrying red blood cells. They feed on the red blood cells, they grow and they divide. They destroy the red blood cells, breaking out , each producing 12-32 more parasites which now invade other precious red blood cells, multiplying again, destroying more red blood cells.

The child develops a fever. The child develops chills. As each red blood cell is destroyed waste products are released into the child's blood stream. Some capillaries become clotted. The child becomes severely anemic because of the destruction of those precious red blood cells.

The child can become comatose as the capillaries in the brain become clotted. Kidneys fail. The liver fails and other organs fail. The child's body becomes overwhelmed and can no longer cope.

This is the story of one in 5 children under 5 years old in sub-Saharan Africa.

This is happens every 30 seconds. As we have seen these children disappear and as we have heard the bells tolling. .. This continues to happen. But.

This does not need to happen.

Malaria is preventable. Malaria is curable.

We can work to combat this lethal disease. We can transform lives, we can transform economies. We can transform the health of hundreds of thousands of people.

[insert name of local church] can stop this from happening in Africa. We will learn about the people. We will learn about their lives and we will contribute to the Advance Special that will combat malaria. We will help buy treated mosquito nets, which have proven to help prevent malaria. We will help the Methodist clinics and hospitals with prevention and treatment. We can save the lives of children.

May God move in our hearts and stir our souls. May God bless [name of local church] as we give to this Advance for Christ and His Church.

Posted 14 February 2006