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Annotated Bibliography


Compiled by Roger Boe, MD
Medical Consultant, HCV

Arole, Raj and Mabelle, Jamkhed, A Comprehensive Rural Health Project. Macmillan, London, 1994, Currently published only in India. For information on obtaining a copy, contact Dr. Roger Boe at boeroger@cableone.net, 208-234-4159.
- - The story of a remarkable human experiment in community health. Remains the best available general description and guideline for Community Based Primary Health Care.

Aroney-Sine, Dr Christine. Travel Well, Maintaining Physical, spiritual and Emotional Health During International Ministry. Marc Publications, 2005.
- - Formerly "Survival of the Fittest: Keeping Yourself Healthy in Travel and Service Overseas". Completely revised and updated. A witty, compassionate summary of advice about taking care of your health during mission service. Includes immunization, pre-trip preparation, and self-treatment of common problems. Contains worthwhile information for both the health professional and layperson.

Barone, Michael (ed.). Harriet Lane Handbook. Mosby Yearbook Inc. St Louis.
- - An up-to-date compendium of emergency management, procedures, and diagnostic and therapeutic information. Has a comprehensive drug formulary for children. An invaluable resource for treating children in a mission setting.

Burns, A. August et al. Where Women Have No Doctor: A Health Guide for Women. Hesperian,1997.
- - Combines self-help medical information with an understanding of the ways poverty, discrimination and cultural beliefs limit women's health and access to care.

Cobey, J. C. A Guide to Volunteering Overseas. Health Volunteers Overseas, Washington D.C.
- - Excellent instructions for individual health care volunteers, particularly those doing education. Special sections on teaching how to teach, and the HIV epidemic and the health worker.

Dickson, Murray. Where There Is No Dentist. Hesperian, 1988.
- - Designed as a companion volume to "Where There Is No Doctor." Describes how to diagnose and treat basic dental problems in the village setting, and work for better dental health in the community.

Fountain, Daniel. God, Medicine, and Miracles, Shaw, 1999
- - Masterful discussion of the spiritual factors in healing by a devoted and highly trained missionary physician.

Garrett, Laurie. The Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health. Hyperion, New York, 2000.
- - A masterful reporter's exceptionally researched view of the current state of world public health. Important to read for everyone concerned about health, whether in the developing world or in our own country.

Granich, Reuben, MD, MPH; Mermin, Jonathan, MD, MPH. HIV, Health, and Your Community; A Guide for Action. Hesperian Foundation, Berkeley.
- - An interesting, accurate summary of the major global health issue of the 21st century, this volume will be particularly useful for those who are involved in AIDS education and prevention.

Klein, Susan, A Book for Midwives: A Manual for Traditional Birth Attendants and Community Midwives. Hesperian, 1995
- - Designed especially for community health workers and traditional birth attendants who care for pregnant women and perform deliveries far from maternity centers.

Lamb, Ron, DMD. Portable Mission Dentistry. Rev 1999. Available from the author. Box 747. Broken Arrow OK 74013-0747
- - The authoritative book in the field, by a dentist who has served a lifetime in mission dentistry.

Lankester, Ted, Setting up Community Health Programmes: a practical manual for use in developing countries, 3rd Edition: MacMillan, 2007.
- - Provides the best step-by step, state of the art guide for setting up a community based primary health program. It should be required reading for anyone involved in primary care mission in developing countries.

LeBow, Gail, Spanish Simplified, 2001. Available at the website, http://www.spanishsimplified.com.
- - Excellent resource to begin learning or brush up on your Spanish. Teaches and utilizes a language "framework", which allows learning how to speak in full sentences rather than just learning separate vocabulary words. Encourages both listening and speaking with the set of cassettes that is included with the workbook and flashcards.

Merck Manual - latest edition.
- - A compendium of useful, practical information, particularly if practicing a little out of your field.

Quesenberry and Birmingham. Where There Is No Animal Doctor. Christian Veterinary Mission, 2000.
- - Designed to be used by farmers, technicians and veterinary practitioners working in areas where livestock still play a very important role in village life.

Steffes, Dr. Bruce and Micky. Handbook for Short-term Medical Missionaries. ABWE Publishing, 2004. Available from CMDS, Bristol TN.
- - Not just short-term, not just medical. A valuable compendium of advice and recommendations, very well written by a missionary physician with a wealth of experience and wisdom. Exceptional spiritual insight. Probably the best all around resource for the prospective health care missionary.

Stevens, David, and Rudd, Gene. Mission Survival Kit: Practical Tips for Successful Short Term Mission Service. CMDS, Bristol TN.
- - The most comprehensive text in the field. Clearly written, multi-authored. Sections include clinical practice in the tropics, specific disease entities, issues pertaining to travelers, and laboratory diagnosis. A well-organized wealth of information with up-to-date references.

Strickland, T. ed. Hunter's Tropical Medicine & Emerging Infectious Disease. 8th ed. Saunders 2000.
- - The most comprehensive text in the field. Clearly written, multi-authored. Sections include clinical practice in the tropics, specific disease entities, issues pertaining to travelers, and laboratory diagnosis. A well-organized wealth of information with up-to-date references.

Vanderkooi, Mary. Village Medical Manual. A Layman's Guide to Health Care in Developing Countries. Available through Christian Medical and Dental Assn, Bristol TN.
- - Although written for the layman, contains a wealth of useful information for medical practitioners and health educators. The two volumes include sections on patient assessment, public health principles, and training rural health workers. Also includes a basic formulary and country specific information and recommendations.

Werner, David, Bower, Bill. Helping Health Workers Learn: A Book of Methods, Aids and Ideas for Instructors at the Village Level. Hesperian, Berkeley CA.
- - A comprehensive guide to the selection and appropriate training of the village health worker. Compares and evaluates approaches used in different countries and different settings. Has extensive sections devoted to making teaching aids and classroom preparations. Indispensable for anyone who is considering or planning a health care teaching role, whether in a village or in a sophisticated urban setting.

Werner, David. Where There is No Doctor, a Village Health Care Handbook. Rev 1992, Hesperian Foundation, Box 1692, Palo Alto, CA, 90432.
- - Excellent, easy to use source book for teaching preventive health care and public and personal health. The new edition is greatly expanded.

Wolf C. & Palmer, D. Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries, 2nd ed. Christian Medical and Dental Society, Bristol, TN, 2002.
- - The recently issued 2nd edition is expanded and extensively rewritten. Up-to-date facts, drugs doses. Overall, this is possibly the most useful compendium available for anyone who does mission health care.


United Methodist Volunteers in Mission Training Manual for Mission Volunteers. Revised 2005. Available in hard copy and CD-ROM through your UMVIM Conference or Jurisdictional Coordinator, or from the Service Center (800-305-9857), stock #3206, cost $20.
- - Excellent general instructions, including preparing and debriefing the team. Includes step-by-step concise recommendations, recommended and required forms. Extended medical section.

Checklist For Health Care Teams UMF/HCV. Available for download from website, www.healthcarevolunteers.org.
- - A concise guide for planning and preparing for a health care team mission.

Getting the Right Stuff. A User's Guide for Obtaining Supplies and Equipment for Health Care Mission. UMF/HCV. Available for download from website, www.healthcarevolunteers.org.
- - A concise summary of the process of obtaining supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals. The only available manual on this subject.

Shots Heard (and Felt)Around the World: Immunization Recommendations for Overseas Mission. Available for download from www.healthcarevolunteers.org.


United Methodist Health Care Volunteers (HCV). http://healthcarevolunteers.org

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Passport and Visa Services. http://travel.state.gov/passport. Download applications, forms, frequently asked questions and links to other sites, visa and foreign entry requirements.

Travel and Living Abroad. www.state.gov/travel. Multiple links detailing a broad spectrum of questions, including emergendy services for US citizens, passports, visas, information on countries, living abroad.

World Health Organization guide by country of the current health risks. www.who.int/ith/english/country.htm.