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Shepherd Responsibilities

Requirements of Shepherds

Each event will have a Shepherd. The Shepherd will assist in the event facilitation as needed, providing an extra helping hand to the Primetimers Event Coordinator. In exchange for these services, the event fees are covered by the Primetimers Host Site. (The Shepherd's event fees should be figured into the over-all event budget.)

The requirements for Shepherds are:
Primetimers make their way through Milano’s Stazione Porta Garibaldi on their way to a national ecumenical youth event in the city (photo credit: David Markay)

Responsibilities of Shepherds

It is difficult to define in advance the various dimensions of those things that will be of concern to the shepherd. The following are offered as an overview.

Prior to the event:
During the event (as negotiated with the local site leadership):
After the event:
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